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This blog is dedicated to the recipes and foods I try, as well as my plants. Click below to see my latest post!

This is one of the first cacti I ever bought – he produces these beautiful orange flowers quite often

Latest from the Blog

Copycat Millie’s Cookies Experiment 2

I was craving some cookies because I haven’t been baking as much in my uni house (to save money on bills but also for my teeth). Of course I had to use my trusted recipe and I took this opportunity to experiment with it! I used about 5-10g less of each sugar (but I pretty…

Massive Mish-Mash Cookie

There’s not much to say about this. It’s just a huge cookie. I had frozen balls of cookie dough (snickerdoodle and fudgy chocolate brownie) and wanted to make some space in the freezer so there was no other option! I arranged the balls so there were six snickerdoodles on the bottom, then four chocolate brownies…

Strawberry Muffins

Went to Lidl and I needed some fruit to keep a balanced diet. They had a deal on the Deluxe strawberries – 2 packs for £3! But then I took a closer look and the other non-Deluxe were actually much cheaper per kg so I bought a 600g pack. I knew I couldn’t eat a…